January 7, 2021

What to Look for in a Trade Show – 3 Tips For Successfully Organizing Your Booth and Setting Goals

Trade shows are the perfect opportunity for companies to meet potential customers and strengthen their marketing strategies. If a business wants to promote its products and services it needs to be seen and if one attends a trade show, it is easy to see the business itself. A company can walk around any corner of the exhibit and meet someone who is interested in what they have to offer. They do not have to leave the exhibit to find that person, they can just be a mouse click away. Many people attend trade shows because they want to network with other attendees, learn more about new products and services, and make some money themselves.

If someone attends a show and makes contact with a potential client, it shows that person that they are serious about building a relationship. These connections can grow into long term relationships with companies that are targeting the same audience as the attendee. It is far easier to sell a product or service to someone that you have met in person. There is a greater likelihood of sales when a salesperson takes the time to personally meet their clients.

When attending a trade show, many people are there strictly for networking. There are other attractions such as information, samples, freebies, and the chance to meet and greet other industry leaders. In addition to all these things, the chance to make a few bucks can be quite appealing. However, before choosing to attend a trade show, it is important to set goals and understand what it is that you hope to accomplish at the conference.

Prior to deciding to attend a trade show, it is important to understand the objectives of the exhibition. What industries are the most targeted? Is the event for vendors only, or are people from the distribution area also invited? How much are booth costs, and are they negotiable? Is there a guarantee for payment or is it simply a free for all?

Another important aspect of the agenda should be related to the booth itself. Are the displays easily customizable? Can you change them easily with little effort? Can your company to customize your table and chairs to best fit your image? These are all issues to consider when choosing to attend.

Once you’ve decided to attend, it’s time to start making plans. It is wise to have a clear idea of what you hope to accomplish by exhibiting at the show. Once you have an agenda of what you hope to accomplish, you will find that planning your time and budget is much easier. Attendees tend to arrive early so it’s helpful to have a game plan in place before the day of the show. This way, you will not be so anxious to leave on the last minute and miss out on any productive time that you could have used to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

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