January 25, 2022

Officer Printers and Copiers – Where Should You Put Them?

A copier machine is a very delicate machine. Considering its value, it is important to put proper care in order to prolong its life. Otherwise, the careless use of it without proper care management will decrease its lifespan substantially. Surely, you do not want your copier machine and office printer repaired every month, right? 

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is important for you to know a few basics and most importantly, where to strategically place office printers and copiers within the work area. 

Smooth operation is a must

Most xerox copiers and photocopiersare bulky. Even the latest models of famous brands are considerably bulky, and it will take ten more years or more for a single photocopier to decrease its size. Therefore, the area where you should place a photocopieris very important in order for your business to have a smooth operation. 

Most businesses and offices have their dedicated copy and printing room. However, most relatively smaller businesses may not afford that. Hence, a reasonable corner space would suffice. Remember, you do not want to place your copier Tampa and printer in an area of your office where people often walk and pass through. 

Proper location extends the office copier and printer’s lifespan

You may notknow this but one of the secrets in prolonging the lifespan of your copier is to place it around your office where there is minimal moisture in the air, no people walking around, and not directly exposed to sunlight. 

One of the reasons why most copier and printer owners encounter frequent mechanical problems on their machines is that it is exposed to sunlight. The continuous exposure to sunlight can heat up the wires and decrease the quality of the ink and toner. In addition, copiers that are exposed to sunlight are susceptible to overheating most especially when it is used frequently. 

Have office equipment issues already?

If you have just purchased or leased a copier and you are already experiencing mechanical issues, it would be best to call your printer repairman. Southern Imaging Copier is one of the best service companies when it comes to printer repair Tampa and all kinds of copier troubleshooting. Do not even attempt to troubleshoot errors and mechanical issues when you have zero knowledge about printers and copiers as most repairs and issues are worsened by mishandling simple issues. 

If you have an office printer around the workplace, make sure that it is placed in an area conducive to its use. Make sure that it is also properly maintained with basic cleaning and dusting so that small particles will not enter the machine which can be a reason for paper jamming. Also, it is important to educate the entire office about the proper use of the copier including starting the machine and shutting it down.  

Optimize your office printer and photocopier and prolong its lifespan by strategically placing it within your office without obstruction and exposure to sunlight and moisture. Remember, if you encounter issues, make sure to call Southern Imaging Copier’s printer repairman  to avoid aggravating the situation.  

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