September 6, 2023

How Amazon Business Can Benefit Your Business

Amazon Business is an expansive expansion platform with new businesses signing up every day, making purchases, VAT invoicing and credit control simpler for them as well as making it simple to compare offers from various sellers.

Business customers can open one single account, open a corporate credit line, download order history reports and integrate with accounting software such as QuickBooks.


Amazon Business, as a B2B marketplace, offers businesses of all sizes a number of advantages. It allows businesses direct access to bulk items with one account hosting multiple authorized users who can make purchases on behalf of the business. Furthermore, amazon Business supports payment methods, delivery addresses, approval workflows and reporting options – providing businesses with everything they need in one convenient place.

Amazon Business customers include governments, nonprofits, education institutions and healthcare facilities. Their software offerings allow them to source from certified sellers who meet diversity, environmental, social and supplier engagement goals. In addition, the platform helps reduce costs with features like consolidated invoicing, recurring deliveries and quantity discounts.

As a seller on the Amazon business platform, you can increase sales through more detailed product information and offering quantity discounts. However, the fees associated with Amazon business could significantly decrease your margins.

Signing up

Amazon Business is an online marketplace designed for businesses, offering discounts and purchasing analytics. Large companies such as Intel, Uber and BP use it to streamline their procurement processes with free membership offering bulk discount pricing, high speed delivery times and easy returns for buyers and sellers alike.

Establishing an Amazon Business account is straightforward. Once registered, simply provide your company name, address and tax ID along with payment methods and payment settings. Amazon will verify your data within 24 hours and allow you to add users and assign roles. Moreover, corporate credit lines allow multiple buyers to share one account while giving access to order history reports for your convenience.

Payment options

Independent sellers need to offer as many payment options as possible in order to improve conversion rates and foster customer loyalty, especially hardware-centric businesses. Amazon, for example, provides multiple direct payment methods including PayPal while simultaneously offering an easy checkout experience familiar to millions of consumers worldwide.

Amazon Business card provides many advantages that are especially advantageous to high-level executives at hardware-focused startups, including bulk purchase discounts and Prime benefits that can significantly lower procurement costs; corporate credit lines provide flexible financing solutions; statement credits provide flexible financing solutions; while an analytics dashboard helps small business owners take full advantage of Amazon’s vast marketplace to maximize growth opportunities.

Tax-exempt purchasing

Taxes can be an enormous headache when selling online. Miscalculation and error could cost your business dearly; luckily, many ecommerce marketing platforms provide programs to handle sales taxes for you automatically – saving both time and money by eliminating errors that could harm the success of your business.

Amazon’s Tax Exemption Program (ATEP) helps buyers avoid paying sales tax by providing them with an exemption certificate when checking out. Unfortunately, only certain types of buyers qualify – government entities, schools and non-profit organizations can avail themselves of this benefit.

ATEP allows you to track all of your sales taxes in one central place and automatically remit them to the appropriate tax collection agency, saving time and effort in creating reports for tax filing purposes.


Amazon provides FBA and brand-registered sellers with various business analytics reports to provide invaluable insights that help boost sales and improve performance, yet without an advanced business analysis tool these data can be difficult to interpret and comprehend.

An advanced business analytics tool can save both time and money by automating the collection of data, processing it into actionable insights, tracking goals and making decisions using accurate information available to you.

Track your business on an account, marketplace and product level for an in-depth performance report. Plus, access detailed product data dating back two years – an indispensable feature that allows you to make rapid decisions quickly.

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